Your Guide to the Best Free Tricare Breast Pump

Tricare breast pump

Your Guide to the Best Free Tricare Breast Pump

Breast pumps are an essential tool for making sure your baby is happy and fed while on the go. Not to mention, they help to keep lactation at bay. However, a quality breast pump is quite costly. Thankfully, there are alternative options for mothers covered under Tricare insurance. 

To learn more about how to get a Tricare breast pump, keep reading the information below.

How to Get a Tricare Breast Pump

To qualify for an insurance-covered Tricare breast pump, you have to be covered under Tricare. The pumps are for expectant mothers, women who have recently given birth, or for those who’ve legally adopted a child and plan to breastfeed.

It doesn’t matter if you which Tricare plan you have. The eligibility includes Tricare Standard, Tricare Prime, US Family Health Plan, Tricare Reserve Select, and more. 

To get your Tricare breast pump, a physician, nurse practitioner, midwife, and physician’s assistant will need to give you a prescription with a diagnosis code on it.

However, the prescription must be from a Tricare or insurance-authorized medical professional.

Once you have it, you can select a pump from Milk N Mama’s inventory. 

What Kind of Breast Pumps Does Tricare Cover?

Tricare covers electrical breast pumps, including hospital-grade pumps. It also covers supplies that are medically necessary. Having access to this equipment is beneficial for women who have to be separated from their child or who can’t directly breastfeed due to medical reasons. 

In addition to the pump, Tricare also provides coverage for pump supplies. Below are the included items:

  • Bottles and bottle caps
  • Locking rings
  • Basic power adapters
  • Tubing and tube adapters
  • Breast shields and splash shields

Unfortunately, there are some exclusions for covered parts, including:

  • Breast pump batteries
  • Standard feeding bottles
  • Baby tote bags
  • Nursing bras and pads
  • Medicated creams and ointments
  • Breast pump cleaning supplies
  • Garments for hands-free pump operation

FAQ’s Regarding About the Tricare Breast Pump

When it comes to getting an insurance covered breast pump, most women have lots of questions. Here are some of the most common inquiries that new moms have about the pump:

If I Have Another Baby, Do I Have to Use the Same Breast Pump?

Tricare covers one breast pump per birth or adoption. Therefore, if you get pregnant again, you can request a separate pump. A new prescription from a physician is needed for the additional breast pump as well.

What If I Can’t Breastfeed and Need a Special Pump? Will Tricare Cover It?

Yes, if you need an electric hospital-grade breast pump and supplies, that’s available too. They understand that sometimes mothers and their infants have to be separated because of illness or because a mother can’t directly breastfeed due to health reasons.

Therefore, Tricare makes sure they supply hospital-grade breast pumps to new moms. When special pumps are no longer needed, you may also qualify for a manual or standard electric pump.

There Are More Accessories Needed in Addition to the Pump Itself. How Long Will Tricare Cover Those Items?

Tricare covers many of the supplies that are needed in conjunction with the breast pump. They make sure that new mothers have items like splash protectors and power adapters. Tricare will cover most of the additional breast pump supplies for up to 36 months following the birth.

What Brand of Breast Pump Does Tricare Cover?

Your physician’s prescription will only state whether you need a manual or standard electric breast pump. Tricare doesn’t have any requirements for a certain brand, style, or model. You are free to select any pump that’s best suited for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Breast Pump?

If you’re not familiar with the different models and brands of breast pumps, it’ll take a little research to find the one that’s best for you. Take some time to read reviews or ask other breastfeeding moms for recommendations.

You can also call our Milk’n Mama’s Baby customer support representatives to help you as well.

What Happens If My Breast Pump Breaks or Is Defective?

All Milk’n Mama’s Baby breast pumps can be returned within 30 days from the date the product was dispensed. However, we only accept returns for products that have not been used and the manufacturer’s hygienic seal must still be intact.

Furthermore, if a breast pump is defective, it’s covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It should be able to be replaced by the manufacturer with no issues.

If perhaps there is another problem, you can always call Tricare and explain the situation to see if they are willing to cover another pump for you. Reach out to your regional Tricare contractor to help with the situation.

There Are Multiple Choices in the Milk’n Mamas Baby Inventory. What’s the Best Way to Narrow Down My Choice?

The best way to make a final decision on which pump you want is to utilize our breast pump comparison chart. It lists every brand and model along with its primary features.

Take some time to compare the pros and cons of each one. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you should be able to come up with a selection that suits you best.

Get Your Insurance Covered Breast Pump

As a new mommy, saving money on baby equipment is a big help. If you’re interested in getting a Tricare breast pump, Milk’n Mama’s Baby can assist. We’re a Tricare authorized breast pump retailer.

We have a variety of pumps, as well as helpful resources to show you how to get one for free. If you have questions for us, call 1-844-Milk-Mom or contact us online. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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