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Order Your UPMC Health Plan 100% Insurance Covered Breast Pump Today

UPMC Health Plan provides 100% coverage for double electric breast pumps. Expectant Mothers and Mothers with newborn babies, qualify for an insurance covered breast pump through all UPMC Health Plan Policies. UPMC for You, (a Pennsylvania State Medicaid Plan) and UPMC Commercial Insurance Plans require Mothers covered under their UPMC Health Plan to obtain a breast pump from an In-Network, Contracted UPMC Provider.

Milk N Mamas Baby is an In-Network Contracted UPMC Health Plan Provider of Breast Pumps. Milk N Mamas Baby works closely with every Mama we service. We enable New Moms the opportunity to obtain a UPMC Insurance Covered Breast Pump of their choice. We recommend and supply innovative trusted breast pumps. Our UPMC Health Plan covered breast pumps are, lightweight, portable and most importantly provide superior pumping. Optimal Breastfeeding Success is easier to obtain when UPMC Health Plan Mamas have a superior breast pump. Browse our breast pump offerings: Spectra, Medela, Luna Motif, Babybuddha and more. You only get one insurance covered breast pump through UPMC Health Plan per birth event and we want to make sure you pick the pump that is best for you. Our representatives provide complete assistance with your breast pump ordering process.

We confirm your UPMC Health Plan breast pump benefit. We assist you with maximizing your UPMC Health Plan Benefit by listening and identifying a breast pump that is right for you and your lifestyle. UPMC requires us to have a prescription issued in the Mothers name for a double electric breast pump before we dispense a breast pump. You can place your breast pump order with us without a prescription. If you don’t have a prescription, when placing your order, we contact your Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Midwife and make a request on your behalf.

Once we receive your breast pump prescription, we promptly ship your breast pump. Milk N Mamas Baby then handles the processing of your breast pump claim with UMPC Health Plan for coverage. Yes, it really is true, UPMC Health Plan provides a wellness benefit, which covers breast pumps 100% and there is no hidden cost for Mama, Hooray! Breast Pumps are not subject to copays or deductibles. That’s right, there is NO out-of-pocket-cost for Mom.

Ordering your UMPC covered breast pump is fast. free and easy. We accept online orders through our website: milknmamasbaby.com/getting-started. You may also call in and place an order with us at 844-MILK-MOM.

Once you place a breast pump order, we begin our preparation for your breast pump delivery. The sooner we get your breast pump prescription, the faster your breast pump arrives.

We provide free shipping for UPMC Mamas nationwide and include breast pump warranty.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Plans Members and UPMC Mamas we’ve got you covered! Why Wait. Order your UPMC covered breast pump Today.