Does Aetna cover breast pumps?

If you’re an expectant or nursing mother with an Aetna health plan, you are eligible for a 100% covered breast pump.

Aetna considers the purchase of a manual or standard electric breast pump medically necessary for women during pregnancy or at any time following delivery for breastfeeding.

In keeping with guidelines established by the Affordable Care Act, Aetna will completely cover the cost of a manual or standard electric breast pump for women who are pregnant or nursing and for women who are adopting and plan to breastfeed. Aetna will also cover replacement supplies and pumps for moms on their subsequent pregnancy. If you’re covered by Aetna, your personal use, double electric or manual breast pump will be covered.

Is Milk N Mamas Baby an Aetna in-network, contracted provider?

We are. If you’re covered by Aetna, you can order your breast pump from us today.

Milk N Mamas Baby is an in-network, contracted breast pump provider for a wide variety of health plans, including Aetna and Aetna Better Health Plan. Just follow our easy three-step process for a no-hassle experience.

  1. Fill out a short insurance sign-up form so we can confirm your insurance breast pump benefit.
  2. Submit a prescription from your physician via fax or email.
  3. Pick the best breast pump for your needs.

You new breast pump and any supplies or accessories will be promptly delivered to give you plenty of time to get the hang of it. Don’t have a prescription yet? That’s no problem. Our friendly customer support staff will contact your physician, nurse practitioner, or midwife and make a prescription request on your behalf.

Get 100% coverage on your breast pump with Aetna

Your Aetna health plan only covers one breast pump per birth event, so our customer care representatives are on hand to answer all of your questions and assist you in selecting and ordering the best breast pump for you and your baby.

  • 100% coverage by Aetna
  • No hidden costs, copays, or deductibles
  • Plus, a compassionate breast pump expert to guide you through the process

What are you waiting for, mama? Let’s get started!

How do I choose the best breast pump for me?

We have lots of great options for moms looking into a new breast pump, and we know it can be hard to choose.

If you’re not sure which breast pump you want, don’t hesitate to consult with our in-house experts on the advantages of different models. If you’re a busy mom who travels frequently, our consultants can share information about discreet, hands-free options like the Elvie Stride. Concerned about potential latching problems? We’ve got pumps like the Spectra 2, which get rave reviews from moms who have had trouble establishing a breastfeeding practice. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a high-quality breast pump to satisfy them.

Whether you order online or by phone, you can count on free shipping and fast delivery of your breast pump.

We’re committed to providing moms with the best service available, so we’ve provided several options for ordering.

Know exactly what you want? Looking for a seamless online experience? Place your order through our website:

Need some guidance? Ready to bask in a friendly customer service experience? Give us a call at 844-MILK-MOM.

No matter how you choose to order, your breast pump will be in the mail quickly at absolutely no cost to you. No copays. No deductibles. No shipping costs. Positively no out-of-pocket costs for you, mama!

Even better: we’ll handle the processing of your breast pump claim with Aetna so you can turn your attention to getting ready for your new edition.

Skip the hassle, mom. Let us do the work.