Compression Products

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Your health insurance may cover not only a breast pump, breastfeeding supplies, but also maternity compression.

Maternity compression garments are designed by experts to provide support, relief, and stabilization for increased comfort during pregnancy and postpartum. Our maternity compression products target specific areas that will help you stay moving comfortably during pregnancy and help in your recover after giving birth.

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What Are Maternity Compression Products?

For expecting and new moms, maternity compression products can provide much needed support, helping to relieve pregnancy discomfort, swelling and pain. Generally, maternity compression products refer to three types of garments: compression socks, maternity bands and postpartum recovery garments.

Like other types of compression socks, pregnancy compression socks can prevent swelling in the lower legs and help promote blood circulation. If needed, it’s suggested to start using compression socks three months into your pregnancy.

Maternity bands relieve pressure on the abdomen, hips and pelvis during pregnancy. Just like compression socks, they should be worn starting at three months into your pregnancy.

Postpartum recovery garments are FDA-approved medical devices intended to support loose and weak muscles after birth. With both C-section and natural birth wound healing entry options, postpartum recovery garments help treat and prevent pregnancy related pain and discomfort.

How Maternity Compression Products Work

While all maternity compression products use compression to provide support to mama either during pregnancy or after birth, each garment fulfills a unique role when it comes to its exact level of support.

Compression socks are designed to expand and fit throughout your pregnancy, utilizing stretchy fabric that promotes blood circulation and helps prevent swelling and other associated discomfort and pain. Additionally, they can also help prevent or reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

During pregnancy, maternity bands actually help lift baby weight off the abdomen, hips and lower back, making it easier to maneuver in the late stages of pregnancy. Due to its design, maternity bands can also reduce pregnancy related discomfort or pain, as well as sciatica.

After birth, postpartum recovery garments assist with postpartum recovery by relieving swelling and soreness associated with pregnancy. By improving mobility and helping your body return to normal, postpartum recovery garments are also ideal to protect C-section scar pain with convenient side zipper access.

Are Maternity Compression Products Like Shapewear?

No! While shapewear is designed for aesthetic reasons, such as tucking fat and flab in, maternity compression products are FDA-approved medical devices that are proven to provide real health benefits to expecting and new moms.

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