Military moms in Alaska encourage new parents to accept help

Being a new mom can be lonely

Being a new mother can be lonely, especially during those early months when it feels like your only constant companion is a newborn who spends most of their time sleeping, eating, and crying. You may never be alone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel alone sometimes. It can feel like a whole world is dependent on you because, in some ways, it is. You’re the center of your little one’s world at that age, and that’s a huge responsibility.

Now, imagine that feeling of loneliness, but you’re on a military base in Alaska, just about as far away from your family and friends as you can possibly get without a rocket to the moon. That’s the challenge that new moms Amelia and Katie Fish are facing. Amelia, a civil engineer in the Air Force, and Katie, a teacher, recently celebrated their second anniversary, and in June, they welcomed their son Hudson home after a pregnancy with several complications.

When we first spoke, the expectant moms were eager for that initial skin-to-skin bonding and for the chance to compare his earth-side personality to the karate-kicking kid they saw in ultrasounds and dopplers. However, they were also experiencing the challenge of distance from loved ones who could offer support as they navigated pregnancy, delivery, and even planning for childcare once the two return to their respective careers.

Amelia, Katie, and newborn baby Hudson at home in Alaska

Here’s Katie’s top four tips for military families expecting a new baby, but this wisdom is just as true for any new mom.

Find your people

“I highly recommend finding ‘your people’ no matter where you are located or how long you have been there. It’s never too late to start meeting people. Connect with other military families, people you may work with, neighbors, and members of your community.”

Create community

“Join social media groups for military parents both for your specific installation and the armed forces. It’s especially helpful for creating community amongst others with shared experiences, navigating pregnancy, parenthood, and Tricare.”

Plan ahead

“Sign up early for childcare if needed. The waitlists can be long for Child Development Centers both on the installation and for recommended providers off base as well.”

Accept help

“Military families are often resilient and independent due to the nature of our lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to accept help from others. Having a support system is such a blessing.”

At Milk N Mamas Baby, we’re moms as well as experts in breastfeeding and pumping, and we’ve been there. We understand how lonely and stressful the challenges of being a new mom can be, and we hope that our posts offer you a little encouragement and community. We’re also here if you’ve got questions about breastfeeding, pumping, and how to get more comfortable with both. If you’re a military mom, let us help you navigate Tricare breast pumps. Reach out to us if you’ve got questions or concerns.

Welcome home, baby Hudson!



9 Baby Products You Need For A Newborn Baby.

What do you need for a baby?

Congratulations Mama! You are going to have a baby! It’s a wonderful, joyous time for you! As exciting as this time is, it’s also time to be thinking about what you need for a baby. If this is your first baby, it can seem overwhelming. We are here to help and support you in this journey. Here is a list of some things that you will need for a baby.


Crib or Pack n Play

Some parents like to have both or at least just one in the beginning for the baby to sleep. Some parents like the pack n play because it can be smaller and more portable. If you plan to have the baby in the room for the first few months, this would be a great option. Make sure to grab sheets that fit snuggly against the mattress.



When it comes to clothes, you can never go wrong with onesies and sleepers for the first few weeks. For size, have a couple newborn on hand, and get more 3 months, as babies tend to grow out of them quickly. Sleepers, onesies, pants, and socks are ideal for newborns. For onesies, its good to have short sleeve and long sleeve.


Car seat

A Car seat is very important. Before you leave the hospital, your car seat has to be inspected by a healthcare professional to make sure it fits right and that it is installed correctly. Most parents like to get an infant car seat with a handle, as it does help protect the baby and is helpful when carrying a newborn.


Swaddles/Sleep sacks

When putting your baby to sleep, they will most likely want to be swaddled. You can buy swaddles with Velcro that are adjustable. They provide added comfort and making swaddling easy. Some babies do not like to be swaddled and might like a sleep sack better. Sleep sacks help keep your baby ventilated and warm, without the worry of a loose blanket.


Pacifiers (If you plan to use them)

Some parents like to hold off on giving a pacifier as it can be confusing for babies to decide if they are hungry or not, especially when you are breastfeeding. Whether you plan to use them or not, it’s good to have just in case.


Changing station – Diapers, wipes, changing pad, diaper cream

A changing station sure makes for an easy clean up!  Most pack ‘n’ plays come with a little changing table adapter to add on to it. If not, grabbing a comfy changing pad to have in the area where you will be changing the baby is perfect. Diapers and wipes are definitely a need, along with some diaper cream. It’s always good to have some diaper cream in case a rash flare up. A diaper pale, the final resting place for your endless dirty diapers is a must have.



While babies cannot sleep with lose blankets, it’s good to have a few baby blankets on hand for either a car ride, to lay on the floor for tummy time, or for just cuddling with your sweet little baby.



Whether you plan on breastfeeding, formula feeding or doing a combination of both, it’s always good to have bottles and nipples on hand. Nipples come in different shapes, sizes, and flow rates. Familiarize yourself with the options that are available to you when shopping for your bottles and nipples.  Some nipples are created for breastfed babies, others for premature babies or babies with feeding challenges.  What works for one infant may not be ideal for another.  Starting out with a slow flow rate nipple is ideal for most babies.


Breast pump & accessories

If you’re a Mama that plans on nursing, it is always a good idea to have a breast pump. Breast pumps help you better establish your milk supply.  You can pump while leaving your baby with your partner or caregiver. When you are planning to go back to work, it’s a good idea to start pumping and storing your supply prior to your return to work.  Most breast pumps, come with different flange sizes, make sure to ask your healthcare provider to assist you with flange sizing. Be sure to replace your tubing, backflow protectors, valves, and membranes regularly for optimal breast pump performance.  If you are in the market for a 100% insurance covered breast pump, we are here to help. Simply fill out our insurance sign up form. We’ll get to work on delivering your insurance covered breast pump.

A military mom shares the joys and challenges of being a new parent

Military moms experience some unique challenges as new parents

Being a new mom is a challenge no matter who you are or what your situation is. Delivering a child and then adapting to its demands takes a toll on the most stout-hearted among us. Now, imagine for a moment that exhaustion and loneliness amplified by being far away from family and friends. Imagine that your spouse is deployed for months at a time during that first year.

That’s the hurdles that moms face when their spouses are in the military. Needless to say, these tough mothers have learned a thing or two about navigating pregnancy and parenthood. Amanda Barnhardt, one of our favorite customers, is just such a mama. She’s been generous enough to offer some helpful advice that’s applicable to new parents of all stripes.

Milk N Mamas Baby customer with her new baby

Amanda and Matt with their bundle of joy.

Amanda and her husband Matt, an IT tech in the Navy, were friends for nearly a decade before they got married. Now, Matt is about to head out on his first deployment, and Amanda is preparing to take on the responsibility for parenting solo.

“I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with our daughter,” Amanda says, “but it’s lonely, and it’s going to be even lonelier when he gets deployed and is gone for 6+ months. We have no family close by us, so it’s extremely hard. When I need a shower break, unless Matt is home, I don’t get one. Sometimes I’m eating lunch and breastfeeding at the same time because I really have no choice.”

Here’s Amanda’s top three tips for military families expecting a new baby, but this wisdom is just as true for any new mom.

Take advantage of parental leave ASAP

“First and foremost, make sure whoever is in the service takes the parental leave as soon as the baby is born. I had complications during our birth, and my husband being able to be there and 100% focused on me and our daughter is what I needed absolutely.”

Ask for help

“Second, ask for help if you can. I sometimes feel guilty because I’m a stay at home mom and don’t have a job, but being a mom, especially of a newborn, is a job, and it’s hard. So when your spouse gets home, ask them to help, to hold the baby so your body can get a little break, especially if you’re breastfeeding. You don’t realize how ‘touched out’ you get because of how much your baby needs you. Being able to set them in their swing or to let your partner hold them makes all the difference.

Being away from your support system and family is hard. You really become isolated when you have a baby, and even more so when you are a military spouse. Don’t be scared to ask for help and to even get someone to talk to. It will make you a better parent if you have the help and rest you need.”

Take naps often

“Nap as much as you can. The housework will and CAN wait. Trust me. I didn’t at first and regret it because then when 2 a.m. rolls around, we are both crying. Your body needs sleep. I used to work two jobs and thought I could handle doing dishes during one of her naps – I was wrong. Breastfeeding burns so many calories that your body can’t physically handle it without sleep.”

And, finally, remember to cherish those first moments. When asked what makes all the stress worthwhile, Amanda offered up an inspiring reminder of what makes those little bundles of joy so special.

“Honestly? It’s hearing her breathe a sigh of relief when I pick her up. Knowing that she doesn’t really know anything, but she knows I’m her safe space and if I’m holding her, things will be okay (what I imagine she’s thinking anyway). The cooing and smiling is incredible, but knowing that she feels safe and comfortable enough to relax and fall asleep on me is a high you can’t get anywhere else.”

We hope you all had a happy 4th of July, especially those serving in the military and all the moms serving at home!

5 DIY tips for an enchanted nursery on a budget

The best baby nursery is often the least expensive.

That’s because many of the traditional customs we bring to nurseries are outdated and not recommended by pediatricians. In fact, with just a little research, it becomes clear that keeping the nursery simple is the best way to welcome your newborn into the world. Here are our five tips for a nursery that baby and your bank account will find enchanting.

1.     Why thinking in black and white is better in the case of a nursery

Traditional color schemes for baby nurseries tended towards a delicate pastel spectrum. However, science suggests that a monochromatic black and white color scheme sends the strongest signals to your baby’s brain. This can stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development. If your nursery walls are already white, this breaking news from the world of infant development can save a dime and a lot of time on painting the nursery. Also, a neutral color palette will age better as your little one starts to develop his or her own fashion sense.

2.     Bold, contrasting patterns are also good for baby’s brain development

You can jazz up those plain white walls with bright, bold patterns in constrasting colors. Go with something as simple as black polka dots, or use affordable, changeable wall decals in fun shapes for a more tailored approach. Black and white stripes are also a winner, both in terms of sophisticated nursery décor and visual stimulation for your little one.

3.     Update over time rather than doing it all at once

Your nesting hormones may convince you that the nursery must be finished by the time of your newborn’s arrival. On the contrary, it may actually benefit baby’s brain development to evolve the nursery over time. Think of the nursery as an art gallery for one – your little one, that is. For example, when your infant begins to see colors at three months, it’s a good time to add some splashes of color in the form of new toys and playful art. At twelve months, you can upgrade the nursery again by adding more complex color schemes, which will keep your growing baby’s brain stimulated.

4.     Invest in a convertible crib

They may be more expensive than standard models, but a convertible crib can grow with your newborn. From crib, it converts to a toddler bed, and from toddler bed, a convertible crib can transform into a full-size bed with a few extra parts. Over the long haul, that makes a convertible crib the most budget-friendly bed for your baby.

5.     Speaking of budget friendly beds, skip the fancy bedding

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest sleep environment for an infant is the simplest. The AAP recommends a firm mattress in a safety-approved crib covered with a fitted sheet. That’s it. Other bedding such as pillows, quilts, and bumper pads pose a suffocation hazard for newborns. Instead, swaddle baby in infant sleep clothing to keep them warm throughout the night without the dangers posed by unnecessary bedding.

Don’t forget the breast pump!

The AAP also recommends breastfeeding exclusively or feeding with expressed milk exclusively for six months, as doing so is associated with a reduced risk of SIDS. That means that the right breast pump is an important element to your baby’s new home. Get in touch with our team of breast pump consultants today to find the best pump for you and your newborn.

Pregnancy nesting: what every new mother needs to know

Pregnancy nesting: what every new mother needs to know

What is pregnancy nesting?

In the spring, robins and bluebirds feather their nests to prepare for the arrival of their offspring. However, birds aren’t the only critters driven by nesting behavior during the latter phases of their pregnancy. Mice, squirrels – even fish – nest, and so do most human mothers (and even some human fathers). Nesting is the instinct to put your house in order before little ones arrive and turn it into absolute chaos, so don’t be surprised if the urge to re-organize your pantry, vaccuum under the beds, and generally cozy up your home strikes during your third trimester.

Take advantage of this burst of energy

Trust me. After a couple of weeks with your newborn, you’re going to wish you could tap into the seemingly endless supply of energy you feel during your nesting stage. Put it to good use while you’ve got it. Here are a few items you may not have the energy for after your baby’s delivery:

  • Spring clean. It’s spring after all, so if your nesting instinct says clean, go crazy! (But do exercise caution. You’re still pregnant, after all. Leave the heavy lifting and straining to someone else.)
  • Organize. Honestly, getting organized can be extremely cathartic, and in all likelihood, this little window of order may be your last for a while. Make the most of it to schedule appointments or plan easy meals for the first couple of weeks you’re home. Your exhausted future self will thank you.
  • Get packed. While you’re taking charge, go ahead and get your hospital bag packed, including swaddle blankets and clothes you want for baby.
  • Prepare for baby’s arrival. Use this time to get ready for your new arrival. Put the nursery in order, sort baby’s clothes, wash linens and prepare the crib for baby’s first night. And don’t forget to prepare for breastfeeding while you’re at it.

Pick out your breast pump and have your supplies ready for baby’s arrival

The best breast pump for you is the one that meets your unique needs. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you intend to stay home or go back to work while nursing?
  • Will you be making trips that may take you away from home while you’re breastfeeding?
  • Will you need a hospital strength pump or a lighter weight model?
  • How much do you want to budget over and above your insurance coverage of breast pumps?

If you’re not sure what kind of breast pump is right for you, talk with your lactation consultant or give the breast pump experts at Milk N Mamas Baby a call at 1-844-Milk-Mom.

Pamper breastfeeding moms with these breakfast in bed options

Breakfast in bed is the iconic Mother’s Day gift

Moms know better than anyone that food is love. That’s why we take the time to cut the crust off of sandwiches and to set the table for a healthy family dinner. That’s why a lot of mothers choose to breastfeed their babies for as long as possible. Breastfeeding is the ultimate act of food as love. A mother’s milk is the most nutritious source of vitamins and minerals a little one can get. Therefore, offering a nursing mom a healthy breakfast in bed is really the gift that keeps on giving. You’re giving her rest and nutrients, both of which can boost milk supply.

Which foods benefit breastmilk production?

Galactagogues is a fancy word that means milk-boosters.

And it probably comes as no surprise that your best bet when breastfeeding is to eat a healthy, balanced diet, including the following:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Animal and plant protein sources
  • Healthy fats, i.e., polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats

With that in mind, a perfect breakfast in bed for nursing moms might include something from each category. Take a look at some of our favorite suggestions and mix and match to suit the tastebuds of the mom in your life.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Spring is a great time to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet because there are so many delicious varieties in season. How about mixing up a fruit salad for mom with the following spring fruits:

  • Apricots
  • Cherries
  • Grapefruit
  • Kumquats
  • Strawberries

    Fresh fruits are a great addition to a nursing mom’s breakfast.

Whole grains

Whole grains are a great source of fiber. They also contain nutrients important for keeping moms and breastfeeding babies healthy, such as B vitamins, iron, folate, and potassium. That makes oatmeal a perfect breakfast treat for moms. Try this delicious, lactation-boosting recipe for Oatmeal Stout Crockpot Coffee Cake from mom blogger The Leaky Boob.

These oatmeal stout crockpot cookies by mom-blogger The Leaky Boob are delicious and milk-boosting!

Animal and plant protein sources

Protein is a critical building block for new tissues and organs, making it a necessity for growing babies. Adequate protein intake also ensures mom’s body will recover from labor and delivery quickly. The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends nursing mothers get at least 65 grams of protein per day, or two to three servings. Try including one of the following in mom’s breafast in bed to get her off on the right foot:

  • Omelet, quiche, or other egg-based dish (extra points for adding spring vegetables like green onions and asparagus)
  • Smoked salmon
  • Nut butter on whole grain toast
  • Yogurt parfait with fresh fruit

Healthy fats

Dietary fats give your body energy and support cell growth, making them essential for breastfeeding moms. These healthy fats will help baby gain weight while aiding in brain development. Fortunately, a lot of the fruits and vegetables, protein sources, and whole grains also include a healthy amount of fat. The avocado on avocado toast, for instance, is about 77% fat, and 62% of the calories in eggs come from fat. However, you can also add a little dark chocolate to mom’s breakfast in bed to give her a daily dose of healthy fat, fiber, iron, and even antioxidants! Try this recipe for Dark Chocolate Apricot Lactation Cookies from Sunkissed Kitchen if you want to treat mom to cookies for breakfast.

Send us a photo of your favorite mom enjoying breakfast in bed!

We’d love to see the delicious meal you prepared for your favorite mom this Mother’s Day. Tag us on our Instagram account at @milknmamasbaby to show us.

child giving mother mother's day card and hug

Mother’s Day gifts every mama wants

I’ll tell you what we want, what we really, really want…

If we learned anything from the Spice Girls, it’s that what women really, really want isn’t always a diamond tiara or a four-star meal. Sometimes, what a woman wants is more practical, especially if the woman happens to be a mom. This Mother’s Day, pair your gift box with the princess treatment to leave overwhelmed, exhausted moms feeling truly loved.

Peace and quiet

Unless you’re a mom, it’s hard to appreciate how noisy motherhood is. By 10 a.m., you’ve heard your name repeated so many times, it doesn’t even register anymore. Then, there’s the banging of pots and pans, the honking of toy car horns, the squabbling of siblings, the never-ending inner monologue reminding you of all the things you’ve got to get done. A little peace and quiet can go a looooong way for a weary mama.

Personal space

Sometimes, being a mom can feel like being a coatrack. You’re balancing groceries on both arms, looping purses and diaper bags around your neck, and stowing toys in your pockets. You’re likely to have hands-free breast pumps tucked into your bra and small humans bouncing on your hips. Try giving mom a little personal space to stretch out – and not just those few minutes she steals in the bathroom.


Moms make adulting look so simple. It’s easy to forget how much of an effort it takes. Today, lots of moms are working full- or part-time jobs while still maintaining many of the responsibilities around the house. Moms are chefs, stewards, consultants, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, housekeepers, personal bankers – you name it, moms are doing it. Often, we’re doing it without much acknowledgment. Take a moment to let mom know that you see her and you see all that she does to keep the world running smoothly.


How many times has mom brought you a snack? Run the bath water? Brought warm clothes fresh from the dryer? Scratched your back or kissed your boo-boos? Moms are in the business of pampering. How about a little reciprocation? Breakfast in bed. A scented bubble bath. Even an amateur manicure. There are dozens of ways to give mom the pampered treatment she deserves.

The perfect pump

If mom is nursing, nothing will make her day like the perfect pump. Breastfeeding is a rewarding act of love that offers babies the best possible nourishment while instilling a tender bond between mother and child. That being said, breastfeeding can also be exhausting and uncomfortable. A high-quality breast pump ensures mom is comfortable and relaxed while she’s pumping between nursing sessions. And like all the other ideas on this list, for most moms, the perfect breast pump is totally free. Why? Because the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to provide breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding. That’s right. Your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump, and at Milk N Mamas Baby, we offer the best breast pumps on the market.

Talk to our customer care representatives to find the right breast pump for your needs

We’re here and happy to help nursing moms find the best pump for their circumstances. Get in touch today to learn more.

pregnant woman in maternity fashion for spring

Maternity fashion is going to be bold and bright this spring

What will all the expectant mothers be wearing in Spring 2021?

Have you come to associate springtime and motherhood with pretty pastels and dainty flowers? If so, you might be in for a surprise in 2021. We’ve been following some of the most fashion forward moms we know on Instagram, and they’re indicating a bolder, brighter, sexier spring for maternity fashion.

Sensuous materials, rich colors

Sierra Thomas, an aesthetician from Southern California, was our first indication that, this spring, moms are stepping out in bold, confident style. Sierra’s emerald skirt and simple white top are all clean lines and rich colors for an absolutely stunning look. The sumptuous, satiny material of the midi skirt paired with its rich, saturated color reveal a trend towards the sensuous and bold among fashion forward mamas.

Flowing fabrics, inspiring designs

Lifestyle blogger Brandy of Baton Rouge looks like a green goddess in this flowing maxi dress, and we bow down to her bold, beautiful fashion statement. This is a perfect look to break out of the winter doldroms and inspire the mere mortals in your life.

Clean cut, striking lines

Fashionista and first-time mom-to-be Rachael Kevin glows in this gold sheath dress. The style’s sleek cut and simple design allows the joyful sunny hue and the expectant mother to shine.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Rachael Kevin (@sheskevin)

What to expect for expectant mother fashion this spring?

Pregnant ladies will be putting bold and beautiful into maternity fashion this spring if our favorite stylish mothers are any indication. What about you, mama? What’s your favorite spring style for moms?

Take a look at some of our breast pump accessory bags that are sure to add vibrant color and style to your spring look.

young mother breastfeeding baby on train

Here’s to strong women

May we know them

At Milk N Mamas Baby, we’re proud to support the strongest women we know – new moms. You’ve carried another life for nine months, nurturing it and protecting it. You’ve endured excruciating pain to deliver your newborn safely into the world, and you sacrifice daily to give your children everything they need to grow up healthy, strong, and happy.

If you’re one of our clients, you’ve chosen to breastfeed because you believe it gives your babies the healthiest start possible. And you’re right.

However, breastfeeding can be a challenge. It’s not always a walk in the park. Even moms who have the opportunity to stay home while nursing experience ups and downs. It can be exhausting and frustrating to adjust to a new life with baby.

We know working moms who are faced with guilt and fatigue as they try to squeeze pumping into their busy schedule. Likewise, many of our clients are enlisted in the military. They face an endless round of responsibilities and regimens in addition to their role as mom. Nevertheless, they remain just as committed to nursing and pumping to provide their newborns the health boost offered by breast milk.

We are proud to know you, and you inspire us daily to go the extra mile: for you, for our own kids, and for all the women we come in contact with.

May we be them

We’re moms, too, and we’re also working women. We started Milk N Mamas Baby to provide a convenient, compassionate service to the hard-working women we admire. We started it because we believe in the power of breastfeeding to build healthy humans and healthy bonds between mothers and their children.

It’s not been easy to build a business from the ground up, but we’re strong women. We believe in this work, and we think it’s worth the long days. We hope you feel our enthusiasm and our commitment when you call us for support.

May we raise them

Whether you’re a mom nursing at home, a mom pumping breastmilk on her lunch break, or a mom in the military, you’ve got our admiration. More importantly, you’ve got the admiration of all those little girls you’re helping raise. You’re showing them all the things that are possible for strong women. Here’s to you, mama!

6 Tips for Weaning Your Breastfeeding Baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after birth and a combination of breastfeeding and solids until your baby is one. Some moms may choose to extend breastfeeding for longer while others may be ready to wean earlier. When to stop breastfeeding is a personal choice and one that may cause both sadness and relief. Try these tips to help ease the transition.

1) Let baby lead the way

You’ll have more success and less stress if you allow your little one to lead the process. In most cases, the transition will happen naturally as baby begins to become more interested in her new food options and more easily distracted. 

2) Don’t rush it

In the case of an injury or serious illness, weaning may be necessarily abrupt. However, the ideal is to allow the process to unfold gradually, easing baby into her new reality. This may take days, weeks, or months. Allowing for a slower transition will ease baby’s anxieties and also help to prevent engorgement as your breasts will gradually decrease milk production.

3) Make time for cuddling

Breastfeeding isn’t just about nourishment. It’s also a form of comfort and bonding, which can make giving up the breast an emotional experience for both mama and baby. To ease that aspect of the process, be sure to spend lots of time snuggling with baby to reassure her that mama’s still around when she needs extra affection.

4) Avoid weaning during stressful times

While sometimes stressful situations make weaning necessary, this is usually when babies (and even some mamas) are most in need of the comfort and routine of a nursing schedule. If you’re returning to work – a time that can be stressful to both mama and baby, maintain early morning and nighttime feedings. These tend to be the most stressful times of the day, and breastfeeding stimulates the release of oxytocin and prolactin, which create a sense of calm and peace.

5) Make the most of distractions

Distraction is a practical tool throughout every stage of parenting. Refusing to breastfeed will often cause your little one to become hyper-focused on nursing. Instead, offer an alternative like expressed milk in a bottle or cup or a new food. 

6) Pump for comfort

As you wean your little one, your breasts may become engorged and feel uncomfortable. Remember that an empty breast will produce more milk, so it’s a good idea to pump just enough to relieve the engorgement until your body adjust to the new levels of production.

Milk N Mamas Baby carries the highest-quality breast pumps on the market

Our 100% insurance and Tricare-covered Medela breast pumps are designed with a two-phase expression technology that feels more natural and improves the productivity of pumping sessions for nursing moms. They’re portable, easy-to-use, and robust enough to handle heavy pumping schedules until you’re ready to wean. Contact our customer care specialists today to learn more or order online in three easy steps.