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Milk N Mamas Baby offers top-quality breast pumps from Medela, Spectra, and other trustworthy providers.

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Whether you’re pumping at work, at home, or on the go, our range of pumps offer options to meet your specific needs.

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Milk N Mamas Baby is a Tricare Preferred Provider, and we service many other insurance providers.

High-quality breast pumps covered by your insurance plan

Whether you’re covered by Tricare or one of the many other insurance providers we service, Milk N Mamas Baby has a high-quality breast pump to meet your needs and your budget. We offer a range of breast pumps by Motif, BabyBuddha, Ameda, Spectra, Medela, and Hygeia. If you’re going back to work and need a more mobile breast pump, we’ve got several models to help smooth the transition too! 

How To Choose a High-Quality Breast Pump

Whether it’s your first child or your next, one of the first decisions every mom has to make is what to do about feeding time and newborn nutrition. For many, a high-quality breast pump provides convenience and efficiency that can’t be matched, but there’s also a wide array of breast pumps out there, so where should you start?

The good news is that no matter what your individual needs are, you can find the ideal pump for you. Being prepared for your baby’s arrival and ordering the right high-quality breast pump ahead of time That said, what once worked in the past or even a few weeks ago may not match your current need, so keep your options open and don’t continue to suffer with a bad breast pump.

Manual or Electric?

For most moms, the main question to answer is whether you want a manual or electric pump. Most high-quality breast pumps today are electric, though you can still find manual pumps if you look. But while a manual pump can be convenient if you don’t have access to an outlet, they’re also hard work and many electric pumps can actually run off of batteries.

Single or Double Pump?

Single breast pumps are great for periodic pumping while double breast pumps are ideal for expressing regularly. Compared to a single breast pump, a double breast pump produces almost 20 percent more milk, which can help save time for busy moms. The milk itself is also filled with more fat and calories, too, which is great for the needs of growing babies.

Concerned About Cost?

It’s true that today’s breast pumps are wonders of convenience and modern technology. But they can also be expensive, especially if you’re interested in a fully featured model that can save time and yield more nutritious milk. Luckily, many breast pumps are covered by your insurance plan. Just click a product you’re interested in and we’ll help you qualify through your insurance.

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While breast pumps are currently covered by the ACA, there’s no guarantee that they will always be covered by federal legislation. Order today to save money and have your 100% covered breast pump delivered to your door quickly!

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