Breast Pumps

The best breast pumps on the market

Milk N Mamas Baby offers top-quality breast pumps from Medela, Spectra, and other trustworthy providers.

Breast pumps for every mom’s lifestyle

Whether you’re pumping at work, at home, or on the go, our range of pumps offer options to meet your specific needs.

A variety of pumps 100% covered by insurance

Milk N Mamas Baby is a Tricare Preferred Provider, and we service many other insurance providers.

High-quality breast pumps covered by your insurance plan

Whether you’re covered by Tricare or one of the many other insurance providers we service, Milk N Mamas Baby has a high-quality breast pump to meet your needs and your budget. We offer a range of breast pumps by Motif, BabyBuddha, Ameda, Spectra, Medela, and Hygeia. If you’re going back to work and need a more mobile breast pump, we’ve got several models to help smooth the transition too! 

Our Most Popular Breast Pump for Working Moms
Our Most Popular Portable Pump/Battery Powered

Order your breast pump today!

While breast pumps are currently covered by the ACA, there’s no guarantee that they will always be covered by federal legislation. Order today to save money and have your 100% covered breast pump delivered to your door quickly!

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